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Individualized Nutrition Consulting


One on one nutrition counselling is a safe, non judgemental space to discuss the role of food and nutrition in your overall health and wellbeing.


 You do not need a recent medical diagnosis or specific goal to seek out nutrition therapy. We all eat and have multiple opportunities each day to make nutrient dense choices. The patterns of eating that are most consistent in your life will have a large impact on your mental and physical health, and having an expert review your usual diet and offer individualized recommendations is never the wrong decision.


Getting advice from unqualified people, however, is absolutely the wrong decision and may result in disordered eating patterns, poor relationships with food and worse health outcomes. Make the right choice and speak with someone who is obligated to keep your health at the forefront- no quackery in this office!

Whether it's trying to make it to elite sport, family preconception planning, or wanting to improve strength to play with the grandkids; nutrition plays critical role throughout the life cycle and Melissa is well equipped with many tools to help you reach your potential at any age or stage!

Together we will develop a sustainable way of eating that aligns with your goals. 

 75 minute Initial Nutrition Consultation - $165.00

60 minute Follow up Nutrition Consultation - $145.00

30 minute Follow up Nutrition Consultation - $75.00

 90 minute Extended Nutrition Consultation* -  $200.00

*for those seeking advice for multiple health issues

20% discount available to those who do not have dietitian coverage. 

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