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SIBO breath testing

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth



Have you been diagnosed with IBS-D or IBS-C and left with questions and unmanaged symptoms? Research shows that >75% of people with IBS have undiagnosed SIBO. Let me help you get to the root cause of your symptoms.


Breath testing is a useful, simple and safe test used in the evaluation of common gastroenterology problems. Breath testing relies on the measurement of gases produced in the small intestine which diffuse into the systemic circulation and are expired through the lungs. Testing can be done in home and takes roughly 2 hours.


If the result is positive for hydrogen dominate small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or intestinal methanogen overgrowth (IMO), Melissa will work with you on dietary interventions to aid with eradication and prevention of future reoccurrence. However, diet alone will not eradicate SIBO or IMO and thus why Melissa will follow up with your primary care provider to ensure proper treatment and collaborative care. 

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