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Genetic testing for personalized nutrition



Evidence shows that one-size-fits-all nutrition recommendations are inefficient and often ineffective. Nutritional genomics is the science studying the gene-nutrient relationship and how it relates to human health. It can help explain why the same foods affect different people in different ways.


Nutrigenomix testing is a non invasive saliva genetic test that provides individualized results on 70 different genetic markers and their impact nutrient metabolism, body composition, athletic performance and more. Nutrigenomix is another tool for personalized nutrition recommendations to help motivate people to eat according to their genes, and fuel your body to reach its health and performance potential.  

Nutrition and training should be tailored to specific individuals rather than applied  to all athletes on a specific team. Are you the same as your teammate? The field of sport nutrigenomics is emerging with great potential to boost athletic performance. Get ahead of the curve and get excited for the future of sport!

Testing can only be administered through a health care professional. For more information visit Nutrigenomix website.

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Click HERE to see a sample of full results

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